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  • Spices In Urdu
  • Spices

    Spices make delicious and tasty not for only dishes and cuisine...>>
  • Kalonji Ke Faide
  • Fennel Flower (kalonji)

    Fennel flower is a form of seeds...>>

  • Long Ke Fayde
  • Benefits of Clove

    Clove is a hot spice...>>
  • Benefits of Black Pepper
  • Benefits of Black pepper

    Black pepper is a hot spice...>>

  • Dalchini ( Chinnamon ) Benefits
  • Dalchini (Cinnamon) Benefits

    Cinnamon sticks is a hot spice...>>

  • Benefits of poppy (khas khas ke fayde)
  • Benefits of Poppy 

    Poppy is like a very small seeds form...>>

  • Nutmeg and Mace
  • Nutmeg and Mace

    Nutmeg and mace are the hot spices...>>
  • Bay leaf In Urdu
  • Bay Leaf (tejpat)

    Bay leaf is look like a leaf...>>

  • Fenugreek Benefits
  • Fenugreek Benefits In Urdu

    Fenugreek is a seed and it is a green vegetable also...>>
  • Saunf Ke Faide

    We look forward to a bowl of sweetened fennel seeds ( saunf ) after a particularly mead...>>
  • Red Chilli
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