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  • Isbagol Benefits( Isbagol Ke Faide)
  • Ispaghol

    Ispaghol is cold and watery in nature...>>
  • Salad In Urdu
  • Salad

    With different Dressings and Sausages

    Salad is the finery of dining table...>>

  • Kikar Tree
  • Acacia Tree (Kikar)

    Acacia is a tree...>>

  • Sattu
  • Sattu

    Sattu is a drink of energy actually...>>
  • Vinegar (Sirka)
  • Vinegar

    Vinegar has a liquid form...>>
  • Green Tea Ke Fayde
  • Green Tea Benefits

    Green tea is also known as Asian miracle now...>>

  • Yarrow Plant
  • Yarrow Plant

    Yarrow is a flowering plant...>>
  • Marsh Mallow
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