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Desi Totka
Desi Totka



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  • Care Of Hairs
  • We can take good care of our hairs...>>

  • Clothes Stained Spots
  • Clothes Stained Spots


    Stain spots on clothes fall protection and rescue of the spots tips...>>

  • Different Types Of Stains
  • Adhesive Stain Things If someone gets on a cloth and then scraped comment Nail polish remover clean...>>

  • Eyes Protection
  • Eyes Protection

     Here your will read about Eyes Protection desi totkay in English and Urdu...>>

  • Save to Clothes For Stain
  • Save to Clothes For Stain: Here you will read about Save to Clothes For Stain In English and Urdu...>>

  • Tips For Hair
  • Tips For Hair (Balon Ki Tips)

    •    Take 3 tea spoon of honey and 5 table spoon of olive or almond oil, mix it well and massage this mixture in your hair...>>

  • Treatment for Psoriasis
  • Chambal (Psoriasis):

    Psoriasis is a non infectious but painful skin disease...>>
  • Constipation Cause and Treatment
  • constipation Cause and Treatment 

    As many people are suffering from constipation, there is no other disease are suffering...>>
  • Dyspepsia In Urdu
  • Dyspepsia

    When food is not digested than it can cause pain in digestive system, Lightheaded, anxiety, vomiting, and stomach gas...>>

  • Vomiting Ka Desi Ilaj
  • vomiting (Qay):

    Mint, myrobalan, onion, honey, rice, lemon, ice and tamarind are some remedies for vomiting...>>
  • Benefits Of Gooseberry In Urdu
  • Benefits of Gooseberry

    Gooseberry is a green herb, which is very useful for our health and home remedies...>>
  • Gastritis Problem Home Remedies
  • Gas (flatulence):


    There are many ways to cure flatulence...>>

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